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Andy Kimura

For over a quarter of a century Taky Kimura was given the privilege and responsibility of making instructors in Bruce Lee’s™ art. And in that quarter of a century, Taky Kimura has found only one student whom he deemed worthy of making a senior full instructor and awarding this student rank 6 in Jun Fan Gung Fu and that student is Andy Kimura.

Sifu Andy was a board member of the Bruce Lee Foundation™, a non-profit organization formed for the sole purpose of preserving and perpetuating Bruce Lee’s art and philosophy. Currently he is an advisor for the Bruce Lee Foundation™.

Sifu Andy has shown an impressive mastery of Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do and been put through the rigorous training and knowledge required to obtain this unique distinction. Sifu  Andy, like the art’s founder, is no stranger to real world combat, living and working for over 10 years in one of the roughest parts of the Pacific Northwest and dealing with gang members and street fighters in and around Seattle.

He has learned to appreciate the potency of the art that was entrusted to his father in addition to the deeper, philosophical applications of the art to other issues outside the realm of hand-to-hand combat. An articulate and entertaining teacher, speaker and spokesman for the Kimura family and the art of Jun Fan Gung Fu™/Jeet Kune Do that Bruce Lee™ entrusted to his family, Andrew Kimura is one of the most authentic practitioners of the martial art system developed by the legendary Bruce Lee™.

Andrew is an accomplished educator in the areas of health, self-defense, philosophy and human development, having lectured and taught thousands all over the United States and Europe. He is currently developing a line of instructional videos, books and other educational products that will assist him in spreading the teachings that his family has kept privately these past three decades to sincere and interested individuals around the world.