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The Kimura Lineage

 Yip Man


Bruce Lee


Taky Kimura


Andy Kimura


Tsuyoshi Abe       Scott Lindenmuth            Alain De Preter      Martin O’Neill 

Affiliate Instructors

Matt Emery           Damon Evans           Ishmael Marvin            Bill Seng



This is the complete and updated list of instructors and affiliate instructors recognised and endorsed by Sigung Taky Kimura, Sifu Andy Kimura and the Seattle Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute.

If a person is not on this list, he or she is not an instructor under the Kimura Lineage.

To be recognised as an instructor a person has to be certified by Sigung Taky Kimura and Sifu Andy Kimura at instructor level.

No instruction, seminar(s) or handing out any type of certification will take place without the prior and written expressed consent of Sifu Andy Kimura. Instruction will always be with the approval and under the guidance of Sifu Andy Kimura regardless of rank.