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Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute™, Seattle Washington

It is indeed a rare and highly honored privilege to take this moment on behalf of myself, my son, Andrew, and the Seattle Jun Fan™ Club to extend a warm welcome to the original friends and students of Bruce Lee™, each succeeding generation student and to Bruce’s many fans who continue to discover inspiration and self-knowledge through the words, deeds and actions of our great leader, Bruce Lee™.

The Jun Fan Gung Fu club of Seattle™ was conceived by Bruce Lee™ and started during the year 1960. It was started as a school and was active through 1967 and closed during that year. Shortly after, it was re-activated as a private club and has remained that way since. We have and continue to honor Bruce’s wishes and share our limited basic knowledge of the Seattle years with those that have similar philosophical interests.

We honor the privilege of sharing with you the true curriculum of what Bruce taught.




Arrive promptly for class.

Pay dues on time.

Maintain personal cleanliness.

Keep the school clean. DO NOT KICK THE WALLS.

Stand at the position of attention while receiving orders from the INSTRUCTOR or from the ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR. Respond immediately to such instructions.

Be cautious while practicing. Do not overwork yourself while exercising, and do not experiment with new techniques without supervision.

Do not smoke in the school. If you smoke at all, it will slow your progress in gung fu.

Learn the Chinese names for general commands and for all the techniques you know.

Exercise discretion when explaining to others about this school. Do not engender ill feelings or rivalry with students from other schools.

The INSTRUCTOR is here to teach you and to answer your questions. However, do not bother him with trivia. If you have any doubts, ask an assistant instructor first.

All students will read and obey these rules. Intentional disobedience will result in expulsion.

Sigung Taky Kimura  and Sifu Andy Kimura